Individual Counseling

With individual counseling, you can hope to:Depression

Break free and begin to: Trust your own judgments, feel secure in yourself, and feel optimistic about walking in what God has for you.

Have: Hope for tomorrow, and a sense of purpose.

Learn: When to say no, how to not feel guilty, and how to honor your own needs and desires.

Gain: An understanding of the impact your past has had on your life.

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A Brief Explanation of Individual Services:

Grief – Not only for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. This also applies to you if you’ve experienced divorce, become disabled, or your spouse has cheated on you. I will walk with you through your pain as we examine:

  • What was lost and the implications
  • What life will look like now
  • Who you are now.

“Thanks for helping not only me but my family and friends through this journey for my new normal. Tears, jokes, babbling, etc. Yet you sit, listen, and, I know, pray me through it all. Thanks seems inadequate!”  – MW (former client)

Abuse – All that’s covered in grief counseling is also covered here, with these additional aspects:

  • Main objective – gain a clear definition of who you are.
  • Examine the effects of harsh words, inappropriate treatment, or abandonment on your self-image.
  • Examine the effects of the above behaviors on how you interact with significant others.

Anxiety & Depression – We will use a holistic approach to examine the physical, cognitive, social, and spiritual elements affecting you. We will then experiment with changes to see what works for you to help you feel more at ease, have more energy, and experience more hope.

Self-Image – This usually involves some of all the above to some degree. Some of the most important work we will do will involve:

  • Looking at the internalized messages you have about yourself and where they came from.
  • Replacing unhealthy messages with God’s view of you.
  • Assertiveness training.
  • Learning healthy boundaries.

“I’ve learned so much in just a few weeks. Already, I’m seeing change. I’m beginning to stand up for myself and it’s because of seeing you.” – LN (former client)

I know it can feel scary, but I hope you will schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation today and share with me a little of your story.

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After an “aha moment,” SV (a former client) exclaimed, “Tawnya, THIS is why I come to you. Thank you so much!”

With my help, you can begin to:

Accept and appreciate your value as a person whom God has made, trust that he has good plans for you, and walk toward becoming the whole and healthy person he empowers you to be.

“You make a BIG difference. I think of and pray for you often.” – MW (former client)