Professional help to overcome anxiety, depression, and low self-image.

I help women learn to rewire their brains so they can feel close to God and others by breaking free from fear, anger, and shame.

Tawnya Kordenbrock, LPCC

Tawnya Kordenbrock

Emotional Wholeness Coach

What I like best is having feedback from Tawnya in helping me make sense of why I do/think the things I do and think. Having someone tell me "that makes sense given your background" has made me feel less condemned and more understood.

I really like the live chats and private community. Overall, I would definitely recommend A Renewed Life to anyone who is struggling.

NV, Private Community Member

Are you tired of being stuck in hurt, fear, and insecurity? Does self-doubt make you feel crazy or stupid or that you're a bad Christian?

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who has come from a background of childhood abuse and family alcoholism and worked with women for over ten years, I understand the struggle to not get tangled up in your emotions, shut down, or become controlling or resentful toward those you love.

With my biblically and neurologically-based program, I have helped myself and other Christian women understand why they feel and act the way they do, plus to change those response patterns to be able to communicate their emotional needs to others without feeling guilty.

Finally, you can rest in knowing there's not something wrong with you, God's not punishing you, and you're not doomed to never be genuinely loved!

Life-Renewing Articles

"You make a difference in lives. You are such a great listener and compassionate person. You show and live your faith. That is quite a package!"

MW, Former Client
  • Christian principles for renewing the mind and emotions so that you see yourself as God does and feel loved in relationships.
  • Retrain how your brain, thoughts, and body respond to emotional hurts, fears, and disappointments.
  • Compassion for what you have experienced in life and understanding for why you do the things you do.

"You don't just encourage -- you push me to do what's needed to care for myself."

TC, Private Community Member


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