Welcome to A Renewed Life Counseling – Tawnya Kordenbrock, MA LPCC

Sad Black WomanDo you feel like you are going through life:

  • alone?
  • unloved?
  • unappreciated?

Have you started to believe that happiness, fulfillment, and the freedom to follow your dreams is out of reach for you?

Please, hear me when I tell you, it isn’t.

The truth is you may have experienced things in life that have pushed you into a life-sucking cycle that has destroyed your self-image, your ability to set healthy boundaries, and to love yourself for who you are.

You are not alone, you are loved, and I do understand.

At A Renewed Life Counseling, you and I can work together to explore the root cause of the cycle you are stuck in.

Together we will gain clarity on why you feel stuck and how you can take steps toward living the fulfilled life God has for you.

Here’s how others have felt about working with me:

“You make a difference in lives. You are such a great listener and compassionate person. You show and live your faith. That is quite a package!” – MW

“Thanks for helping not only me but my family and friends through this journey for my new normal. Tears, jokes, babbling, etc. Yet you sit, listen, and, I know, pray me through it all. Thanks seems inadequate!” – LV

“We love you like a sister and pray for you every day!” – AZ

You can experience freedom from fear, anxiety, and frustration with your life.

I’d love to help you experience that. Simply click the button below to set up a time to talk and see if working together is the next best step for you.

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