Couples Therapy

“When marriages fail, it is not increasing conflict that is the cause. It is decreasing affection and emotional responsiveness…The demise of marriages begins with a growing absence of responsive intimate interactions. The conflict comes later.”

(Sue Johnson, Hold Me Tight)

marriage counseling

Is your marriage riddled with endless arguments about “nothing?” Is it a constant power struggle? Or, is one (or both) of you  emotionally hardened and withdrawn? Finally, is your relationship becoming more and more defined by resentment?

“I’m finally seeing that he cares & that I’m worth fighting for.” – IE (former client)

“I now have the right tools — the words to say, to tell her how I feel. We’re no longer going around and around.” – CB (former client)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the type of relationship counseling I provide,  is the most effective method, to date, for helping couples gain emotional satisfaction in their relationships. In fact,  studies show that 70-75% of couples who go through EFT will be able to recover from stressful incidences and be happy in their relationship.

Together, we will map out how your current conversations and behaviors reflect your deepest desires and fears yet also destroy your relational connection. We will slow down the spin of the toxic cycle that sucks you in and seeks to destroy your relationship. We will then begin to see the underlying emotions of sadness, loneliness, fear, and shame that are driving your responses to one another.

We will create moments where you can state your needs in a way that your partner will be able to hear you and draw near you.

With EFT, here’s what you can hope for:

  • To know your partner is there for you
  • To know you matter
  • To know that your emotions will be valued and your partner will stay close.

“I can trust now. I know he cares. He’s different. It’s like we’re finally in this together.” – KB (former client)

“It feels like we’re ‘in the mud’ TOGETHER now.” – CZ (former client)

If you’re looking for marriage counseling, contact me now to begin breaking the cycle you’re stuck in so you can have the closeness your heart desires.

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