Premarital Counseling

You’ve put plenty (probably too much, right?) time, energy, and money into planning your wedding.

But how much have you invested in making sure you have the marriage you want?

When you meet that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you cherish having someone who hears and understandspremarital counseling your concerns and insecurities. Someone who is “with you” in your goals for life. Someone with whom you can celebrate life’s successes but who will also stick by you when life gets tough.

I am here to help make sure that special feeling has the chance to stick around long enough to overcome the pitfalls of marriage and develop into a deep, satisfying mature love that will carry you through the years.

Here’s what our time together will look like:

  • Prepare & Enrich – You will be given the #1 preferred premarital assessment to measure where you are in 12 areas that typically can be stumbling blocks for marriages. (After giving me your email addresses, I will set this up and have your personal link sent to you.)
  • Six to Eight Sessions – After reviewing and explaining your Prepare & Enrich results, we will discuss ways in which specific areas can be strengthened. Most weeks, you will go home with an activity to put into practice what we have discussed in session.
  • Certificate & Report – At the end of our sessions, you will receive a certificate for your accomplishments. You also have the option to have a summary report sent to the pastor performing your ceremony.
  • One-year Check-up – Most married couples come to counseling five years too late. You have the opportunity to have an annual check-up to nip any problems in the bud before your relationship has the chance to become strained.

Here is what former Premarital Clients have said after completing their sessions:

“This has been great fun! Do we have to stop coming?”

“What will we do with our Thursday nights now?”

“This was great! I had no idea we could learn so much about ourselves!”

Get the most out of your sessions by scheduling as soon as you can.

(The closer you get to your wedding date, the harder it is to focus.)

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